A Practical Introduction to Container Terminology

Issue #82 | Mar 16, 2018


Resiliency in Distributed Systems

Why do we care about resiliency in our systems?

Central Config Server Layer

Learn how to set up the central config server layer in a Spring Boot microservice.

Using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud - Part 1

This is the part 1 of spring boot and cloud tutorial.

A Practical Introduction to Container Terminology

This will help you and your teams speak the same language and also provide insight into how to better architect your container environment for the goals you have.

Apache Kafka foundation of modern data stream processing

This blog post aims to make the mindset switch as easy as possible and to understand where Apache Kafka fits in.

HA and Zone Affinity with Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka

This tutorial will guide you in the process to setup zone affinity in Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka.

Event sourcing using Kafka

It’s now pretty straightforward to do event sourcing on top of Kafka as well.

When Streams Fail

Implementing a Resilient Apache Kafka Cluster at Goldman Sachs.

How to Share and Sync Code Between Microservices

Open source technologies make it easier and more effective to share and reuse code between microservices.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Dockerfiles for Go Web-apps


Managing Data in Microservices

Advanced Akka For Architects

Servlet vs Reactive: Choosing the Right Stack