Summer vibes

Issue #84 | Aug 6, 2018


Saga pattern with Spring Boot and ActiveMQ

The Saga pattern is an architectural pattern which provides an alternative approach to big and long running ACID transactions.

MicroProfile Fault Tolerance

In order to make systems more resilient, a few design patterns were devised and are now gathered under the Fault Tolerance (FT) umbrella.

Distributed concepts

Distributed architecture concepts author learned while building a large payments system at Uber.

Event Sourcing made Simple

Minimal event sourcing framework at Kickstarter to power

Istio is the real deal

Succinct overview of Istio service mesh.

The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018

In this article author describes in detail what microservices are, why the pattern is so appealing, and also some of the key challenges that they present.

Microservices in Golang - Part 8

Kubernetes and Container Engine.

Sample Microservices Application Running on Kubernetes

This example application will help you learn how to deploy a microservice to a Kubernetes cluster and install the Instana agent for monitoring.

Scalaz 8 IO vs Akka

Actors vs Monix.


Microservice Antipatterns: The Queue Explosion


The Dark Side of Java Production Monitoring