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Issue #86 | Sep 28, 2018


Serializable ACID Transactions on Streaming Data

An exciting new technology that brings serializable ACID transactions to applications built on a streaming architecture.

Command and Query Responsibility Segregation

This article does nice summary of CQRS pattern.

Writing an Event-Sourced CQRS Read Model

In this post author presents a sample implementation of populating a view model by consuming event stream.

Why We Chose Kafka For The Trello Socket Architecture

This blog post goes into depth on our RabbitMQ implementation, why Trello chose Kafka instead.

Back to Basics - Caching strategies

The most common cache synchronization strategies, their advantages, and disadvantages, and also popular use cases.

Distributed Tracing with Java and the Ambassador API Gateway

Ubiquity is important since the usefulness of a tracing infrastructure can be severely impacted if even small parts of the system are not being monitored.

Why JWTs Suck as Session Tokens

Why it's a bad idea to use JWTs as session tokens for most people.

Building a resilient Microservice?

Eclipse MicroProfile Fault Tolerance provides a simple and flexible solution to build a Fault Tolerance microservice, which is easy to use and configurable.

Testing in Production, the safe way

None of the forms of testing described in this article are easy and often requires a fundamental change in the way systems are designed, developed and tested.

Remediation strategy for continous delivery of microservices

How do you respond when a deployment of a service introduces instability or bugs? How do you ensure changes to an API are backwards compatible? These are the questions this article tries to answer.

Event sourcing, CQRS, stream processing and Apache Kafka

Kafka as a backbone for Event Sourcing.


Service Meshes

Managing Complex Communication within Cloud Native Applications


Building Distributed Systems with Kubernetes