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Issue #87 | Jan 28, 2019


Microservice Architecture at Medium

Medium team shares their experiences of doing microservices effectively and avoiding microservice syndromes.

Software Architecture: Evolving Microservices

Evolving from Monolithic to Microservices Architecture and Automation Tests for Microservices.

The evolution of L7, proxies, and microservices

In a microservice architecture, services communicate with each other through L7 protocols such as gRPC and HTTP. Since the network is not reliable, managing L7 communications is critical for reliability and scale.

Why you need a microservices management platform and how to build it?

In this article, author discusses why a microservices platform is needed, and how to build one.

Kotlin Microservices With Ktor

With Kotlin and microservices being all the rage, it’s only natural there should be a Kotlin-based framework to build microservices.

Kotlin Microservices With Spring Cloud

Let’s learn how to use Kotlin and Spring Cloud to build cloud-native microservices applications.


Event-driven microservices on OpenShift.

Twitter’s Kafka adoption story

Story from wild on how Twitter migrated to Kafka.

Zero Copy I: User-Mode Perspective

Introduction to zero-copy functionality under Linux.

In cryptography, trust is mathematically provable. Everything else is just faith.

HTTPS in the real world


Painless Microservices with Kotlin




Moleculer is a fast, modern and powerful microservices framework for Node.js.


Distributed Erlang: From Datacenter Applications to Planetary Scale Applications


Apache Zookeeper As A Building Block For Distributed Systems