Saga continues

Issue #92 | Aug 16, 2019


Reliable Microservices Data Exchange With the Outbox Pattern

The outbox pattern describes an approach for letting services execute these two tasks in a safe and consistent manner.

Eventuate architecture

Eventuate is a toolkit for building applications composed of event-driven and event-sourced services that communicate via causally ordered event streams.

Resilience engineering: Where do I start?

This an introductory guide to readings in resilience engineering, aimed at software engineers.

Datomic: Event Sourcing without the hassle

Datomic enables us to implement Event Sourcing with much less effort, and (more importantly) with more agility.

Blast from the past

Saga Persistence and Event-Driven Architectures

Event sourcing at global scale


Using sagas to maintain data consistency in a MSA

Event Sourcing, Distributed Systems & CQRS

Sagas in Erlang: Distributed Transactions Without Locks


CQRS in Practice