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Issue #93 | Jan 22, 2020


Survey: The state of microservices 2020

Take part in the survey and let everybody know how the real developers use microservices.

Kubernetes The (real) Hard Way on AWS

Author explains how to create the infrastructure and components for a multi-node non-stacked Kubernetes Cluster on AWS.

10 secrets for developers to sabotage a micro-services project

Summarized anti-patterns on how to undermine a microservices project.

DDD, Hexagonal, Onion, Clean, CQRS

This post is part of The Software Architecture Chronicles, a series of posts about Software Architecture.

Achieving 100k connections per second with Elixir

The article on how the combination of multiple connection supervisors in Ranch and multiple listener sockets in the Linux kernel is necessary to achieve full utilization of the 36-core machine under the target workload.

Easy and Robust Rate Limiting In Elixir

Author writes about what rate limiters are, when they are applicable, and how two write 2 styles of rate limiters leveraging GenServer, Erlangs queue data structure, and Task.Supervisor.

Istio as an Example of When Not to Do Microservices

Microservices is not THE “utopian application architecture”.

Data consistency in microservices architecture

Patterns for data architecture spanning multiple microservices.

CI/CD for Spring Boot Microservices

Learn how to build and test a Docker image using Continuous Integration.

Scheduling with Rx and Reactor

Explanation of basic operators in RxJava and ReactorCore.

Rethinking Netflix’s Edge Load Balancing

Old but gold article about whys, hows and results of load balancing improvements in Zuul 2.


Elixir: CQRS and Event Sourcing